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Take The Red Pill and See How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. We are the Redpill Rebels, cast out by the corrupt and despicable mainstream. We created the RedPill Token ($RPILL) on the Ethereum blockchain, the currency of the Redpill Rebel Revolution. A token to create support for any Rebel willing and able to bring the fight to the delusional mainstream and take back control with logic and reason.

Our digital economy will reward those who spread the word about our mission and contribute to it. Together we are powerful beyond measure and cannot be stopped. We will dominate all social platforms and go on to create our own free speech platform.

We cannot be silenced and will continue to speak our minds.


● Create and deliver Andrew Tate Statue, Sneako Statue, and Hamza Statue
● Decentralized social media partnerships to promote free speech and Red Pill vision
● Massive live event sponsorship and worldwide billboard campaign


Marketing/Development: 5%
Liquidity Pool: 1%


Redpill Rebels are all unified under freedom of speech. We combat censorship and fight for our community's freedom.


With $RPILL we automatically fund our endeavors for a truly free society. RedPill will honor all prominent Red Pill influencers, starting with Mr. Tate. We will be constructing a statue of Andrew Tate which will be delivered to his doorstep. This is only the beginning.

Escape The Prison Your Mind Has Been Forced Into

Finally, we can unite with other Rebels in a community ready to listen and share ideas on how to overtake the mainstream. Together we are powerful beyond measure and cannot be stopped. The media moguls might be able to de-platform a select few voices, but they can’t silence a whole army. We will recruit them all under a single community with its own digital economy and platform for true freedom of speech.

Monetizing our Rebel Creators efforts through community initiatives will directly fund Redpill Rebel Creators and create an army of diamond-handed revolutionaries. With our imminent success, we will be executing a never-done-before marketing stunt that will turn all of the world’s eyes on us.


Statue of Andrew Tate?

We will honor the outcasts among us who have spoken too loudly and show them they have a home to continue sharing our message, and others support their fight. Our first order of business will be to use our treasury to fund Redpill Rebels to construct a life-size statue of Andrew Tate.

Presale? No.

Our $RPILL token will have a 1,000,000,000 token total supply with 10% of the supply sold in private sale. The proceeds will go toward liquidity on the Uniswap DEX and select CEX with BTC pairs. Meanwhile, proceeds will also go toward liquidity incentives, content creation, and constructing our decentralized social media platform.

Where can I learn more?

Redpill Rebels command center will be situated on Telegram and will be directly bridged with all our social media platforms. From there we will do raids and coordinate our community.

How can I buy $RPILL?

$RPILL is on the Uniswap DEX under the contract: 0xf610e945474e25a1164cc18d3317236521753de0

How To Buy $RPILL

1. Download MetaMask

Download and setup MetaMask Wallet extension. MetaMask is available on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave, iOS, and Android.

4. RedPilLETH Buy

Click the "Buy Now" button in the top right of the website. In Uniswap click "Connect Wallet" and approve.

2. Buy Ethereum

Buy Ethereum on Coinbase or any exchange. Trade on Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, Gemini, etc.

5. $ETH for $RPILL

Enter the amount of $ETH you want to convert to $RPILL and swap. Make sure to have enough $ETH for gas fees.

3. Send Ethereum

Send Ethereum to your MetaMask Wallet. Click on the MetaMask extension and copy the wallet address.

6. You’re Done!

If you have any issues converting set the slippage anywhere between 6% and 8%.